Krisi MacPherson (fallen_krisi) wrote in oisre,
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My Oisre Shirt

I'm going to make you people post if it's the last thing I do!!! =P

Tell me what you think... please? =P

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It's schweet.
I'm thinking about making a lot of Oisre merchandise. Any ideas as to where I should look into to do that? Should I do it myself?
*sizzle* damn krisi, you're hot. lol

I like the logo and the shirt is cute. :-)
The logo I revamped myself. ^^
I love it! Very hawt sweety. The shirt ain't half bad either. ;)
Tch... *Huggles* You're such a dear.. =)
What's up with the Oisre website? I stopped by and it did that whole "page cannot be displayed" thingy.
It does that. Is it working now... ?