Krisi MacPherson (fallen_krisi) wrote in oisre,
Krisi MacPherson

First Post

Hello, and welcome to the Oisre Community. This is a temporary community I made for the up-and-coming Irish group, Oisre. Someday, when I get funds, I shall make an official community with all the bells and whistles, but for now this one will have to do. =P

Let's start off by having all new joinees post a bit about themselves. I'll start off.

Name: Krisi
Age: 18
How did you hear about Oisre?: Well... I think one day I was sitting around, chatting with Julian, when he brought something up about starting an Irish group with Zac and Sean. The Oisre part came later. Apparently there's a long story behind it... =P
How did you get into the Irish music scene?: It started with my father, as he was an avid folk music festival goer, and was amplified by meeting Julian, many years ago. Since then, I've gotten more into Irish music and it's history.
Anything other interesting tidbits you'd like to add?: Nooooot reallly... Nothing I should say on here, anyway. =P

Alright, enough about me. Post away!

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