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10/31/05 10:45 pm - koritsimou

Well, whaddya know. There's an Oisre community.

I met Zac, Turlach, and Mike Dugger at the 2004 Kansas City Irishfest and had a great weekend hanging out with them, bein' all musical and stuff. Met up with Mike and Turlach this year too, and am still in contact (ask Turlach about the girl who says "damn skippy"). I'm glad there's someplace I can keep an eye on the happenings.

6/16/05 04:54 pm - dynamicvanity

The cd is frickin' sweet, man!

6/7/05 10:29 am - crashthesystem

So whats the album look like... Can you post a photo for us to see?

6/3/05 07:45 am - fallen_krisi - Oisre Demo now available!

I do realize I don't post in this thing often enough, as free time escapes me these days. But in case you didn't already read on the Oisre website, the band now has their demo CD available for purchase.

The demo CD has 7 tracks, including tunes by Liz Carroll, James Kelly, Diarmaid Moyuilian, and other friends of the band, plus some of Oisre's own compositions:

1. The Diplodocus/Eve's Jig
2. Nil Se Na La (song)
3. Whoo!/MacArthur Road/Johnny D's/Waiting by the Door (reels)
4. Kimiad (Breton air)
5. Gwendal/The Paper Bird (Breton march/ridee)
6. The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (song)
7. The Raveled Hank of Yarn/Snot Rocket (reels)

A couple of these tunes can be heard on their website, Oisre.com. CD's are $10, plus s&h costs, and all CD inquiries can be made to oisreband@yahoo.com, subject: CD orders.

Q: "So that's the demo... when's the actual full-length CD due?"

A: I have no idea, unfortunately. Rumours were floating around that it may be recorded sometime in September. The full-length CD is expected to have at least 3 additional tracks to their current demo, with some of the songs redone.

Q: "What part in the Oisre regime do you play, O' Answerer of the Questions?"

A: My part got cut. Wait, I never had a part. Wait... I'm their Canadian connection. That's right. =P

Q: "Krisi, why are you making up questions?"

A: Well, I was given the day off of one of my jobs, am currently running on 4 hours sleep and a Timmy's (coffee), and I'm bored. *Sighs heavily and wombles away*


5/24/05 05:14 pm - szczur_system

Can anyone suggest any (and I'm sure this is a broad question) Celtic songs for one female soprano voice (somewhere along the lines of songs such as, "In Hebrid Seas" (The Mariner's Song). And also, have you any recordings of these songs that you would be willing to share (any female-voice-celtic songs). Also, anyone with a recording of "In Hebrid Seas" would be much appreciated ^_^
szczur.system@gmail.com Thank you :)

4/15/05 09:35 pm - fallen_krisi - My Oisre Shirt

I'm going to make you people post if it's the last thing I do!!! =P

Custom Oisre ShirtCollapse )


4/6/05 03:08 pm - fallen_krisi - First Post

Hello, and welcome to the Oisre Community. This is a temporary community I made for the up-and-coming Irish group, Oisre. Someday, when I get funds, I shall make an official community with all the bells and whistles, but for now this one will have to do. =P

Let's start off by having all new joinees post a bit about themselves. I'll start off.

Name: Krisi
Age: 18
How did you hear about Oisre?: Well... I think one day I was sitting around, chatting with Julian, when he brought something up about starting an Irish group with Zac and Sean. The Oisre part came later. Apparently there's a long story behind it... =P
How did you get into the Irish music scene?: It started with my father, as he was an avid folk music festival goer, and was amplified by meeting Julian, many years ago. Since then, I've gotten more into Irish music and it's history.
Anything other interesting tidbits you'd like to add?: Nooooot reallly... Nothing I should say on here, anyway. =P

Alright, enough about me. Post away!

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